Markforged FX20

An ULTEM™ Filament capable large-format 3D printer for big, strong, high temp parts. 

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What features do you get? 

  • The FX20 is the largest and most precise machine Markforged has ever produced. Produce mission-critical parts for the most demanding applications, from the factory floor to the skies and beyond. 
  • This large-format 3D printer features an 84L heated build chamber and massive, verified-flat vacuum bed with print sheets. 
  • The motion control system offers closed-loop control through precision linear encoders and is tuned to move the 3kg print head rapidly and accurately. 
  • FX20’s Turbo Mode builds parts faster, while new XL spools offer four times the material without spool changeover. 
  • Remarkably easy to use, a 7-inch touchscreen lets you control every aspect of your printer in one convenient place. 
  • Automated calibration and levelling minimize manual upkeep, while a wide variety of sensors give live feedback on machine performance. 
  • A material bay contains two active XL spools and can store two more with precise moisture control. 

ULTEM™ 9085 Filament 


  • ULTEM™ 9085 Filament is Markforged’s first high-temperature printing polymer. As an extremely durable thermoplastic that exhibits excellent flame, smoke, and toxicity (FST) characteristics it is usable in production aerospace applications. ULTEM™ Filament is available in Markforged’s new 3200cc XL spool, four times larger than standard spools. 
ULTEM 9085_001



  • The go-to Markforged composite for printing accurate parts with a smooth surface finish, Onyx is a Nylon base reinforced with chopped carbon fiber that boasts high chemical and heat resistance. Onyx prints enjoy both a high-end finish and twice the strength of parts from other composite printers. Try printing with embedded carbon fiber reinforcements for aluminum strength parts.

Onyx FR (FR-A)


  • Onyx FR and FR-A offer the strength and reliability of the Markforged flagship Onyx composite material designed specifically for the aerospace and transportation industries. Get strong, light weight, and fire-resistant prints that can even be reinforced with any Continuous Fiber inlay for added durability. The material earned a UL Blue Card and is considered self-extinguishing (V-0) at 3mm or thicker.


*Onyx FR-A and Carbon Fiber FR-A are purpose-built for the requirements of the aerospace, transportation, and automotive industries. Onyx FR-A and Carbon Fiber FR-A as printed on the Markforged X7 are undergoing qualification through the NCAMP process.

Onyx ESD


  • Onyx-level durability that’s stronger, stiffer, and ESD resistant for a wide range of industrial applications. Developed specifically to have an extremely tight range of surface resistances that meet the ESD-safety requirements of even the strictest manufacturers, Onyx ESD is a static dissipative safe variant of Onyx that offers strength, stiffness, and a near-perfect surface finish.


  • As an entry-level continuous fiber material, Fiberglass is perfect for printing parts 10x stronger than ABS, or 2.5x stronger and 8x stiffer than Onyx alone. Print robust tools, jigs, and fixtures with Fiberglass inlays on the Onyx Pro and X5, and on the Mark Two and X7 for a more affordable, accessible carbon fiber alternative.

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